I've met some problem with C++ in UE4

Telling the truth, I did not have much things to do with C++ as I only learned some C language in my senior high.But I thought it may be pretty easy to learn or use C++ in UE4.
It turned out that I even do not know what’s class and inherit, and I found it pretty difficult to understand. And what’s most troublesome, even if I copy the code form Document, I can’t find the place to put it…
I just wonder whether I should learn the whole system of CPP before I apply it in the UE4?

It’s not needed to learn C++ before moving into UE4. UE4 is essentially C++ with a massive library of pre-written code for you so it makes it a lot easier to get things going without having to start from scratch of basic C++.

However, it’s not easy to just dive right in by any means. It’s not meant for people with little to no coding experience to just start going at it. It’s going to take a bunch of practice to get use to things!

It is not surprising, because C has very little in common with C++.

You could read some books on C++, because using it with unreal is a bit simpler than using C++ without unreal, or you could try blueprints.

Generally, it is better to “learn as you go”, because C++ is a big topic. You simply won’t be able to “learn the whole system” quickly.