I've make struct of array in c++ so i will be able to use it for array of arrays in blueprint.

But when i try to modify the content of the inner array, it won’t work.
at the inner array i’v got a struct.

ArrayOfstructOfArray->structOfArray->Array->getSomeElement(struct)->setElementsValue(let me enter of values of struct, just like break struct). and w/e i do there won’t be saved. is it a bug ? ( and this is after i’v already initiated the base array and the inner arrays with values, so there are values already in there that can be modified )

I hope this is clear enough, just think you want to make array of an array in blueprint and implement it with the help of structs.

Was just struggling with the same…
Did the mistake to iterate through the array with a for loop:

Guess it creates a copy then… This works:

where Teams is a TArray<FTeam>