I've made a test UI (made with Widget Blueprint) - how do I draw with it with a key press?

I’ve made a UI widget blueprint, like in the documentation:[1]
Which of Ark’s blueprints do I need to edit so I can open my test UI with a keypress?

I’ve been searching YouTube and various forums but a lot seems to change every time they update the Unreal Development Kit.

Any help would be very welcome. Thanks.

Hey I have had this issue for a while, well not exactly. I have been able to add a UI widget to the game but no matter what I do, another error comes up. First option I did was add the widget to the viewport with some blue printing. But game kept crashing about 15 secs after it was used. I basically added it to an object that would add the widget to viewport based on a mouse click. Second option was adding it to a UI already used in the game, such as the player hud and then I tried the inventory UI. But every time I did, it made the HUDs act weird, such as not functioning the way it was meant to, and things went missing. Now the reason I am telling you this is because the functionality of the hud in the game is done in C++ hidden from us, so I think you are going to run into more problems once you add it and won’t really get that much help solving it, not that you shouldn’t try but just giving you a heads up :). However if you do get it to work, please let me know lol.

Anyway you can add by blue scripting in the player pawn event graph with a key event, however there is an option in the default panel of the player pawn that allows input from the user that you must check first called auto receive input. Then with the key event you just create the widget and add it to the viewport. Good luck :wink:

Thank you for the info, salcarr.
I’ll give it a shot when I get home.

I’m genuinely surprised at how tricky it is. Before starting this little project I did lots of searching around Google + YouTube, and adding a keypress event to trigger something… seemed incredibly easy.
I guess the Ark devs have their reasons, probably security/anti-cheat related.

Anyway, thanks again.

No problem, there actually might be a way, still trying to figure it out but the Sotf game mode that the devs created has new widgets done in blue scripts but I can’t find how they added it in the game with out it messing up. I am pretty sure I didn’t miss anything but once in a while I go back to trying to find a work around. I will try again to see if I can get an answer from the devs.

Hey I finally got a response on how to get it to work if you still need the help?

Awesome. Go ahead! :smiley:

Personally, I made a new blank project in the UDK (not the Ark SDK) and have managed to get some results. (UI opens and closes when I press tab. Checkbox seems to work.) I was going to attempt porting my discoveries to the Ark SDK later tonight.

Well it seems like the biggest and possibly the only issue I was having and probably most people was that when you create the UI/widget in the Ark dev kit you need to make sure the parent class is PrimalUI. Once you do that the UI works with no problems. Thats pretty much it for getting it to work with no bugs. Also, you need to use isDedicatedServer() in your graph. Here is the link to where Drake from StuidoWildCard answered.