Ive made a character with animations, how do i use it

I have made a character, and i want to replace the third person one, when i delete it and add the one i have made and replace the game mode, when i press play the character that i have made doesnt move and it spawns me in as a new character with no animations. How do i solve this?


first to spawn your personalize character you have to check if the default spawn class is the one you created
then you have to create an anim state machine to manage which animation are triggering on which conditions.

For the movement of your pawn you can copy the blueprint from the base third person character if you want something basic :slight_smile:

hope it helps

Thanks it worked. Do you know how to stabalize the camera when you attach it to the head?

Nvm i figured it out.

put your question on answered to archive it:)

Sorry im new, but how do i do that?