I've got some assets that are simply not saving!

I have a few modular components that did not have any materials assigned to them. I assigned materials to them through the Previewer, saved them through the content browser, and when I restart Rocket they’ve reverted. I hadn’t experienced this at all until today. I don’t really know what other sort of clues I can possibly give. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

This project is not in source control.

More clues: My organization is structured like so: I have an Environment folder, and within that Geometry, Material, and Texture sub folders. Somehow I had .uasset files for those objects copied in both the main Environment folder, and at the Geometry subfolder level. I probably imported them at the Environment level and moved them to the Geometry folder, and somehow they didn’t clean themselves up. I should note, that I often make assets at the wrong level and move them without any trouble… just a handful of assets didn’t.

Deleting the uassets at the Environment folder level did not solve the problem though. No matter what changes I make, whether or not I save them through the Content Browser or I get prompted to save while shutting down, they revert when I close and reopen the program.

I deleted one of the problem assets, re-imported it, and saved it. After an Editor restart the old version replaced it… haunting me like a ghost in the machine.

Is there something like fix up re-directors that needs to be run? Either way, shouldn’t deleting the uasset files complete strip away the old data? Are the uassets files re-directors or the actual content?

I have this exact same problem. Imported Static Meshes, assigned materials to them and saved it. After Rocket restart they’re gone. Am using these static meshes in blueprints with Add StaticMeshComponent node.

This has apparently be fully addressed in the next build,

see my post on this issue and Stephen Ellis’s responses for full details

Stephen explains a workaround for the immediate moment involving Maya.




Quoting Stephen:

"Okay, I did reproduce the issue. So it’s not just a fluke on your end. :slight_smile:

Actually we have seen this issue before, and I wish I could have responded to you before you remade the mesh from scratch, because there is a pretty simple workaround. In our case, we were able to export the asset from Rocket, import it in Maya, re-export, and import it into the editor again. After this, the materials stick.

Also, I believe that whatever caused this situation has been resolved, since I cannot get the problem to reproduce on our latest internal version. So hopefully this does not occur in a future release of Rocket.


What’s really disconcerting is that I tried my own work around where I re-exported all my assets under a new naming convention (I wanted to do it anyway) and imported them into Rocket. These were for all intents and purposes, brand new assets… but the same thing still happened.

I really don’t want to export it from Rocket, into Max, and out of Max into Rocket again, because my source assets have some modifiers on them I don’t want to collapse down. I will try a different cleaning mesh cleaning measure first.

I found a workaround for 3D max. All I had to do was change the material IDs and reimport. I think the source of the issue might have to do with assets imported with skipped material IDs. Usually, I create a multi-sub object with a number of materials that are then applied to assets that reuse those materials. As a result, sometimes an asset may not use the material ID 1, or might only use IDs 2 and 4, for example. On these assets, I switched them to use consecutive 1 indexed IDs… and while this made them look a mess in Max, they reimport and save.

lol. Im having this same problem in 2022. Eight years after this thread was started! Argh!