I've got a question about setting up a typical move to & pickup item in a TopDownGame

I’m working on a diablo style “ish” game with the same setup as the default TopDownGame mode. When you click somewhere, you move to that location. Simple, we all know how it works.

However, I’ve got my game to pick up items and I’ve set up a range limit on how close you have to be to pick them up. That’s all working just fine. However, here’s where I’m a little stumped.

When I click on an item I want to pick up that’s far away from me, my character moves to the location where the item is. Then I have to click the item again to pick it up. How can I set this up so that my character will run to the item, and pick it up in one click like it is in other games?

IE: Click item, character runs to item, and picks it up in one click.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.


Just run off a logic sequence from the > that moves your Character to the item location and automatically picks up the item when he arrives.