I've got a Paladins beta key to give!

I’ve received two invites for the beta of Paladins which is an FPS MOBA crated by Hi-Rez. So since I only need one, I just give away the second.

Here you go, destroy each other over a beta key for Paladins: PALBDE01E59851207

I’m not joking. It’s a real key. So who comes first will get served first. :slight_smile:

Note, that I had trouble registering my key. I had to log out and then log in again for it to work. So keep this in mind to try out first if you key shouldn’t register.

Thx, I really needed.

You made ​​a happy Brazilian.

Cool! Your welcome! :smiley:

pls one more key paladins ???

Thank you, you made a happy german.

The key actually worked? I thought the Brazilian took it already!? 0.o

I’ve got another 6 paladins beta keys to giveaway here.