I've Got A Few Networking Questions

Just sitting here trying to think of how to make a client-to-client system work as a client-to-server system. Like instead of all the peers transferring to one another, they all transfer to the person that’s being the host for that game, and his connection takes care of it. I realize there could be some major lag spikes but I’d venture to say its worth attempting, at least for some small alpha testing. My main issue is that I’m new to UE4 and I’m not entirely sure on where to start with that.

Also, would it be viable to do a pure peer-to-peer system in today’s tech world? I mean sure there’s some cheap server options out there but to support a whole community of players doesn’t seem a likely adventure for a small team working with extremely limited capitol to do.

Any input?

Hey there (:

UE4 is using a Client - Server by default, which can be used with a Dedicated Server as well as with a Listen Server, where one Player is Client AND Server.

P2P is not working in UE4, so you would need to code the whole P2P Server System yourself.

And yes, P2P is still viable, for example for RTS games.

So if I were to try something like a Listen server, I’d be able to accomplish what I want? Where one of the players acts as the server in the game? The only downside I can see to this is possibly some lag and cheating, which may be able to be stopped later in the development cycle depending on if funding is acquired or not.

Thanks for the timely response by the way. Very helpful. I’m looking into all options at the moment to decide which is best for what I need.

Sure, you can just start the game with 2 players and without “Dedicated Server” ticked and you directly have a Listen Server/Client - Client game.

And yes, cheating is possible then, because the Listen Server could cheat. Dedicated Server are also critical, since someone is hosting them.
These things only work if you keep the Servers away from the Players.

Yeah, I’m aware of the possibility of cheating. I would obviously invest in something like SmartFox or MS Azure or what have you, I just want to do this specifically for testing and having some fun with my team. Our game is 100% PvP so being able to all play the game together now would be terrific haha.

Thank you again for the help. I’m sure I’ll end up PMing you shortly for help if you don’t mind.