I've dowlnloaded uE_4.22 BUT it doesn't appear on the Launcher

i’ve dowlnloaded uE_4.22 BUT it doesn’t appear on the Launcher
i’ve donloaded and verified the uE_4.22
and it doesn’t appear on the launcher
what should i do ?
the file UE_4.22 is about 27 GB and it’s on the hard drive as the specified location of the download what should i do for having it working through the launcher ?
also i couldn’t install plugins to it

Got same prob. Installed the launcher but I have only the option to run Unreal Editor, but not the game itself.

In order to have a downloaded version be shown and work with the launcher you should:

  • Start the download of UE 4.22 from the launcher in a folder separate from the one where you have downloaded it
  • Force close the launcher’s process from the task manager
  • While the launcher is closed, copy and paste the version you have downloaded into the new install location and merge the two folders
  • Re-open the launcher and wait for it to detect, verify and update the version you had downloaded
  • optionally: delete the old version once you have confirmed that it worked

What game are you talking about?