I've built an Intel PC but...

Hi there all,

I just built and order a new Intel PC this morning(I wanted it to last 5-6 years and to use Unreal Engine)
. It has i7 12700k with rtx 3080, 32gb ram etc…First time in my life, I’ve paid nearly 4k euros for a computer…

I didn’t check system benchmarks before I build. I selected Intel because my last computers were all Intels and lasted for many many years and had a bad experience with Amd before. But, after checking the benchmarks, I can clearly see that AMD 5900x and 5950x clearly much faster for Unreal Engine.

So, my question is: Am I going to feel the difference in real life? Should I just cancel my order, wait for money return and order a AMD system instead?(I have to wait another week for that) Or should I just relax and just use Intel? Since i paid that amount, I just want it to be great.

Thank you very much!

Really depends what you do in Unreal.

You will most likely do not feel difference. Ie. worst case you will have 2min 20sec for building lights vs 2 min 0 sec.

However if you plan to make HUGE levels and calculate lights for them then yes. But in that case get another PC with capable graphics card, and make renderfarm.

For everybody else (ie. not just nut cases that render ArchVis all day long) you do not feel difference.

However if canceling/changing order is free of charge i would go for max AMD you can instead.

GOOD m.2 SSD and fast/more ram can offset that difference. So instead of going amd now you can get faster ssd or more ram later.

I went AMD 5950x and 3070 last xmass, from 980era pc bought few years back.
And that was HUEG difference in unreal.


Yes, AMD!:beers:

And with m2 ssds, make shure your mother board has a proper chipset to Support the full power from your m2’s… Something Like the x570 chipset… and yes ram… High MHz an low CLs :boom::facepunch::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I’d say relax and if you will struggle later just wait for the DDR5, Intel will outperform AMD with DDR5