iTunes Connect rejects my binary

In my projects iOS settings i had set minimum version iOS 7.0 but i’ve got the following error from iTunes Connect:

Minimum OS Version Mismatch - The minimum OS version (LC_VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOS) in the binary (‘6.1’) for architecture (‘armv7’) differs from the MinimumOSVersion (‘7.0’) in the Info.plist.

Ya, this is a known issue which I am trying to get fixed for a future release. In the mean time, if you are using a GitHub version, you can do a workaround. In Engine/Source/Programs/UnrealBuildTool/IOS/IOSToolChain.cs you can change the BuildIOSVersion to 7.0 and then rebuild the game (UBT will automatically build itself). This will then build the game with iOS 7 as the minimum version. You will get a bunch warnings about deprecated APIs (working on that right now), but they are benign. If you are utilizing the binary version, unfortunately there is no easy workaround at this time.


I was using the binary version and I ended up using 6.1 as the minimum version, but i will keep in mind your suggestion. Thanks…

Ok, glad you were able to work around. As I said before, I am working on fixing this problem now (started it last week), so it will be resolved in a future release.


I had the same issue than romfeo. I’ve applied Pete solution switching from binary engine to Github compiled source with the BuildIOSVersion tweaked to 8.0 and it worked like a charm, iTunesConnect do not complain anymore.