iTunes 12.7 removes App management?

Any iOS devs out there using iTunes to transfer builds to their devices during interation?

Looks like we can’t do this anymore.

Last I checked, this is how Apple told us to do this. I haven’t seen them give us an alternative, did I miss that email or notice in our dev centers?

Do not upgrade your iTunes 12.7 if this is how you do it, or you’re SOL. I have a system that didn’t update yet, stuck with that system for transfers now.

I’ve found adding a build via Deploy, isn’t the same, and prefer the iTunes method.

The question is, did Apple give us an alternative? I’ve looked for the past half hour, can’t find info on it, just the article above.

Anyway, if anyone knows what Apple wants us to do now in regards to getting our builds onto our devices for testing, I’m all ears.

In the mean time, I’ll try and get an answer from them. If I get an answer, will post it here.

Apple says to use Test Flight to deploy builds to our devices.

I told them, with a cable locally, I can test builds as fast as I can compile them.

Via Test Flight, I have to upload the app to Apple, the download it to the devices from there.

I told them that adds the upload and download times to the process. That, I’m effectively shut down during that process, waiting for something that went from a minute, to much much longer.

Apple agreed this was not good, but confirmed “Test Flight streamlines the process” and they “encourage developers to use it”.

HOLD ON TO YOUR PRE 21.7 iTunes build folks! Apple said they do not have a solution like the App Management feature in prior versions.

Fwiw, I just hung up with Apple, it is what it is. They listened and said the right things. Wait and see, but at any rate don’t update your iTunes if you want App Management.

Use the “devices and simulators” window in Xcode to drag IPAs onto your devices. Much more convenient than via iTunes.