It's time to show my stuff! (Jump and Run)

Hi Unrealas…

sinve i have downloaded the UE4 Engine i worked on a title for my son. I am not far with it, but it’s going on.

The game is a Jump and Run. It’s about a Robot that loos his Harddiscs. He have to find his Discs and stop that big Robot, called Masterbot. And like in all games, he want’s to take over the world. And the Little Robot have to stopp him.

Currently i’m working on the Levels and the enemies. But that’s harder than i thought. Even for a Jump and Run. The Player should be able to buy weapons and armor. And later there are some quests all over the Levels. This is my first work with UE4 and i’m no programmer. But i hope i learn more to get it better and better. If you think the Little Robot Looks like the Grey one from the Editor. You’re right. I’ve made a new one and the Grey one was my inspiration. The other enemies are like placeholders to work with.

Here is a Little Video from the first Level. It is not complete. Much things are not ready like Voices, Cutscenes and more. But hey, i’m a One-Man-Group :smiley:

What do you think about it?