it's still *very* early days for Unreal (meta)


i’m a divergent person. i don’t say this as something bad. on the contrary: being divergent is my hidden talent.

people always say i do have many interesting ideas in private, but they cannot say it in public because they are not realistic and “it’s not time yet for that”, or “why do you always want to change things” when they are sad because things are currently how they are.

as i am learning Unreal, i am finding more and more bugs, not in Unreal’s code, but in the software’s current concept on its way to really become what the original concept of Unreal is.

Look at the description posted in their webpage:
“Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.”

  • “The world’s most”: Midjourney and DALL-E, without being open, may be soon being used by more people than Unreal, with similar purposes.

  • “Open”: Epic Games has stated Unreal is opened source, but not open source, so people couldn’t change things of Unreal code without their permission, even if there are open source alternatives.

  • “Advanced”: the ironic thing here is that being advanced is what maybe makes Unreal not advance, because its design makes Unreal not be for everyone, so it won’t make many people advance in their lives.

  • “Real-time”: in the moment you cannot create what you imagine in your head, is not real-time. First problems you may suffer: lack of Internet connection, lack of hard disk space, a bad PC, lack of time to get away from compiling shaders, lack of immediate understanding of Unreal’s interface and workflow.

  • “3D”: when you use Unreal, it’s highly possible you are looking at a 2D screen.

  • “creation tool”: this may be the most accurate one, the creation engine should be our minds, and the creation tool should be Unreal Engine.

  • “Photoreal visuals”: it would be photo real if those experiences were affected by real light, like sunlight, and Unreal Engine was actually part of our world and not another world.
    even if raytracing is photo-realistic, it doesn’t mean it’s photo-real.

  • “Visuals”: blind people (example) can ‘see’ Unreal is not that open.

  • “Immersive experiences”: the most immersive experience would actually be to live in an Unreal world, not to play Unreal experiences in a headset or a game.
    that’s how you push meta away from every person and give that very world to their avatars, which is unfair and saddening, and can make people dissociate and get addicted to virtual worlds instead of improving or being protagonists in their own.

i think the real meta should not be pursued on a virtual world apart from the IRL world.

i see my classmates asking questions on “how to do ”, and that’s the least real-time thing ever. and they have lots of 3D knowledge.

but the curious thing is that a “normal” person with access to closed AI’s like DALL-E or Midjourney could create in a minute what they want by just saying “X”.

if real-time meta is actually needed, the way to do it is getting rid from all unneeded pipelines, which also affects the IRL ones, which interrupt people from reaching the metaworld they dreamt of when they were children.
traditional pipeline: study, go to university, find a girlfriend, marry her, have children (loop).

as a meta-tester myself, i have many many many ideas on how to improve things IRL, and i wanted to create content to share them with Humankind, but i get constantly interrupted by traditional pipeline life problems.
so i’m learning from people, and waiting patiently for my chance.

if metaverse really gets open to anyone, it will be unreal-people’s real-time to shine.
and everybody, included me, will take part on meta.