It's possible UV the difuse, normal and spec inside the material Editor of UE4?

I want know if i can make an material and UV that material inside UE4.

Im gonna give an example:

Im doing this:
1-make UV1 and UV2 inside MAX
2- Render the Difuse, normal and spec in Photoshop
3- Importing to UE4.


I want know if i can some how make UV inside UE4 like this
1-make UV1 and UV2 inside MAX
2- Render the “UV” in Photoshop
3- Importing to UE4.


IDK if that make sense, but if is possible make UV inside UE4 i could change the difuse, normal and spec as many i want without have back to Photoshop to UV the Difuse again

I’m not sure what you mean–to make things clearer, UV’s are a set of coordinates that determine how a texture is mapped to a 3D object. A texture map is an image.
You can’t make new UV’s in UE4 outside of using the Generate Lightmap UV’s feature. You can modify a texture map in somewhat similar ways to photoshop in that you can adjust things like color and brightness, but you can’t do things like paint a texture map.

I wanna UV inside material editor by using colors to tell UE4 where i want to my Difuse to be, that way i can use the same material in diferent static mechs or maybe i just need an few change to get it map correctly without back and for Photoshop for every static meshs.

I will import this to UE4

then i will tell to UE4 that blue gonna be wood so i put difuse wood normal wood and spec wood, and i dont need go to Photoshop again to UV. So i can copy the same mat to another static mesh and i only need bring an diferent 95e6353a000ba7472f17567a2daf2242e68dae24.jpeg to that new mesh

UV is not the right term to use. What you’re wanting to do is use layered materials: Layered Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

Either that or simply look into Master Materials and Instance Materials. Essentially you have a Master Material with a lot of functionality (parameters) which you can switch on and off, when you need them. One Master Material will give you a ton of options for the Instance (Child) Materials, and it is also very fast for rendering.

What you want (everything in Unreal 4) isn’t an option, but Darthviper and I have presented some ways how to do what you want. It seems to me that Master Materials are the way to go for you. Just download, e.g. the Quixel Space Station scene and look at their master materials and instances.

(Also, the example UVs you show could be optimized. You can put UV shells on top of each other if they have the same size and material. You get a higher resolution texture this way.)

Could you explain better this ? i got in my hands koola scene and i notice that in his UV1 you scale everyting smal and but the small parts on the top of each other at center ? idk why ? you get hight resolution this way ?

Also in some UV2 (lightmap) some people get some parts and scale big and others small…there is an reason for that ?