It's possible to update the Animtree?

I want to modify branchstarbones in a AnimBlendPerBone slot, to reduce animtree complexity. I can change it, but there are no effect, is like the Animtree needs to be updated.

But I don’t know how to do. I tried with mesh.forceupdate and mesh.forceskelupdate, but nothing.

This is the example code to change values:

exec function test ()
	local AnimNode N;
	N = Mesh.FindAnimNode('Slot1'); 
	AnimNodeBlendPerBone(N).BranchStartBoneName[0] = 'Root';


Any idea?

I don’t know about that,but would changing the animtree work in your situation?

I do that quite often.

Having diferent animtrees are a pain when you need to modify something, you need to modify in all…