Its possible create my own colection of assets ?

I want create a folder that i can access all my mat and mesh without need import them on every project…that is possible ?

also atm loos like i can only import mesh FBX from others projects idk how to import mesh and mat together

I havent tried it out yet, but just add your stuff into the start content folder. Now everytime you create a new project, it will add all those assets (as long as you have enabled it in the launcher) :slight_smile:

C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.4\Samples\StarterContent\Content

how i do that ? can you give me the step by step because atm looks like you can only import/export the FBX, idk how to import mesh and mat together.

Oh sorry, I thought you want to know how you can use the same assets in all your projects :slight_smile:

Which 3d program do you use? (because it is possible to import meshes with blank materials)

A way would be to just import the texture manually - then create the material in the UE4 - assign the texture - assign the material to the mesh

You have to import the mesh and then create and apply the material. In UE4 textures are the images you would use in your 3D application, a Material is all of the textures maps (diffuse, normal, etc.) in one file. Unless you 3D app is magic it won’t export the textures that way.