It's my birthday today! :D

Hurray! And I got an external harddrive! 2TB and USB 3.0! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!! :cool:

Thank you, Hayden! :smiley:

Have fun with your new harddrive! :smiley:

Thank you, Fighter! :smiley: I will! It means that I won’t have to stare at my C Drive with 12.7 GB anymore! ._. I can make more 3D models and more stuff and it’s going to be awesome and cool and I am in a really good mood! :smiley:

Happy Birthday ^^

Thank you very much, Fen! :smiley:

Thank you, Ozdemir! Uh, I…I don’t get it…err…but, uhm, thank you! xD


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mate!!

And i wish you (and to everyone who reads this) a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! PARTY HARD FOLKS!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Now fill it with porn, we all know what external hdds are for, and what internet is for. :wink:

old but still funny.

Thank you Steve, Ryan and Nawrot! :smiley: I am so surprised and happy that so many people actually replied and said “Happy birthday” to me. :smiley: Thank you so much! I love you all! :'D

Happy birthday Lucas san!

Thank you, Clot! :smiley:

Oh Lucas-san, Sorry I missed it -

Happy Birthday!

Thank you, Chance! I have received more “Happy Birthdays” here than on my birthday-day. xD Amazing! Thank you, all of you! :smiley:

Thank you Aleksa! :smiley: Happy birthday to you too! :smiley: Hehehe. :slight_smile: