It's a UnityEvent, but Unreal!

Hi Everyone!

After a bunch of crashes, corrupted maps, memory leaks and other nefarious C++ shenanigans, I present a somewhat safe “Static Event Dispatcher”, that lets you create Function Calls at design time, and then invoke them later in code!

It lets you pick an Actor, then select either the Actor or one of its Components Functions as a target, set its parameters, then pass them along at run-time when you invoke the Delegate.

So far I have picking a Function from the target object, Loading / Saving them disk, and late-detecting (ie, it could be better) changes to Blueprint Functions.

I still have a few crashes left to cause, because I have a feeling coping with C++ changes will be a different beast :rolleyes:

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Please, tell us how, or give us something! I’ve been looking for this and didn’t find anything anywhere!