Iteration Limit...

I am curious why another warning about the iteration limit was added in 4.3 instead of perhaps a way to alter and/or disable the limit in blueprint?

Hi Zeustiak,

There is some assessment currently under way for the possibility of adding a section in the editor preferences for max loop limits. I can’t guarantee it will be added, however it is definitely being considered.

Thanks, I would definitely appreciate having the option! :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding the Maximum Loop Iteration Count setting to the Project Settings. Unfortunately it seems to be broken or still quite limited:

Seems to be capping out at 10 Million, even though I set it to 1 Billion.

I then tried 10 Billion, but the display in the Editor capped out at 2147483647. I still get the 10 Million limit warning.

I am guessing that I am going to need at least 10 Billion, though perhaps 1 Trillion would be a better upper limit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, it only hits the loop limit when playing in the viewport editor, simulate, and new editor window, but not the standalone game. I don’t remember if this was the same in previous versions since it has been awhile since I tried to get around it.