Iterate over vector

I have a location vector that I want to manipulate in a way that I have a primary axist hat I run through one function and the other two remaining axis that are manipulated by another function.

My primary axis is dynamic. I get it by multiplying by location vector by another vector. For example (1, 0, 0) so I only manipulate the x-axis.

Where I’m stuck is is how to dynamically iterate over the remaining axises.

Is this even possible? Something like ForEach(Axis in Vector) {DO SOMETHING}

Thank you

Sounds like you want something like Break Vector->Make Array (float)->ForEach.

I think you are almost correct. I’d say a for loop, not a for each loop.

You probably want to break the array floor each vector, like you said, then run a for loop, not a for each array loop. Start it at 0 to your broken vector value.

Actually, a loop would be kind of unnecessary in this case. Just break the vector, plug each float value into your desired functions, and plug the outputs of those functions into a make vector.

Oh right, I misunderstood. I thought the OP wanted to run their function several times depending on the vector values.