Item's that are Spawned in, Don't work properly

This is my first mod. I have created a mod that adds new ammo that can be used by the core ark weapons. example, new dart that can be used with the longneck. I apologize if this has already been answered somewhere in this forum world…but google hasn’t helped me figure this problem out and I can’t seem to find any differences between my mod files and there core counterparts.

As long as I craft the ammo with the resources needed, the ammo can be loaded and fires properly. However, if I spawn in the item using the giveitem command, the ammo does not load into the weapon…almost like it doesn’t see the ammo is in my inventory.
Any ideas???

Thanks very much!


After further investigation. When I spawn in the ammo, you can drag and drop it onto the longneck rifle and the icon switches to the modded ammo. The icon switches to my modded ammo, but it still indicates there is 0 ammo to load.
I’m very confused as to why this is happening, anyone have an idea?