Items Show when fueled

Hi Modders, i like to create an freezer with glass. Thats is a mesh.
No i like when any Item is put in the freezer thats shows more meshes like fruits, meat and more.
Like by the Feeding Through so i cant find a option to say show no item and show with item.
I hope anyone can help me here.

I have now found out a way it works for me.
Take the feeding trough and here you find 2 things in te blueprint.

  1. Extra Static Mesh Has Items
  2. Extra Static Mesh no Items

now you must delete the feeding option with Default Stasis Component Octree Flags chance the number 13108 to 16 and now the Structure have no feeding function now. So it possible to show a other static mesh with items in the inventory or with no items in the inventory. I hope this can help other peoples with the same problem.

You can also just add extra mesh’s to an item through the components section then use the “Event BPNotify Item Changes” to create a multicast event or a rep notify to “Set Visibility” on the new extra mesh’s depending on whether one has been added to or removed from the inventory.


It even has a “The Item” node so you can specify visibility by specific item