items dissappearing from the engram list after updates?

Hi noticed with my mod that it was causing engrams to disappear randomly out of the engram list on my server.

I noticed that the genericmod gamedata file has increased its engram blueprint classes but cant see the new beer barrels in there?

do I have to replace my gamedata file everytime an update comes out that adds engrams to the game ? or am I missing something as I cant see certain egrams in the list in the generic folder after the dev kit updated also?


You can’t put your engrams in the main lists in PGD, you have to use the method the Devs set up for us to add new stuff.
“Additional Engram Blueprint Classes”
“Additional Dino Entries”
“Additional Structure Engrams”
“Additional Stuctures to Place”

thanks duke Ill have a look into this because I thought that I did that correctly but now that I think about it Im pretty sure my mod had a duplicate Icon in the original list and this might have been what was causing the issue Ill see what I can manage and hopefully removing it from there will fix it. I was just worried as the Gamedata file I used originally doesnt seem to show all the current engrams in the default list is this normal and doesn’t affect the server?

the issue I am now running it to by only putting the engram in the additional engram blueprint classes list is it is showing up in single player but not showing up on my server? I dont want to put it in the normal list as this appears to work but screws with the engrams when new vanilla ones are added? please help