items disappear after server reboot - is this a binaries issue?

Hello community members. I have created a trophies mod. In this mod the trophies are spawned in by server admins, so initially they had a primal item blueprint, but no engram associated with it. They do have a static mesh associated. The server admin may spawn the object in with the “cheat give item” command. This works great and the player may add the trophy to the trophy base. However, when the server rebooted (I think after the recent update version 251) the items disappear from the trophy base inventory. The server admin is still able to spawn them back in, but when rebooting, they disappear again. I thought perhaps they needed engrams attached to them with engrams added to the extra engrams list in the primal game data blueprint. So I created engrams and linked each to it’s associated primal item bp. This still did not fix the problem. After searching for answers, I found on here and older post about updating binaries for disappearing items. However, it seems that requires going to github to get the binaries, and I haven’t had to do that since UE4 integrated the Dev Kit into it’s modding section.

Please note, I have another mod which has a custom crafting table and an assortment of new weapons which may be crafted from this table. This mod was unaffected in any way from the update and all existing items are still there.

Any suggestions or pointers?

You don’t need engrams, just add the admin only primalitems to the “Extra resources” array in the primalgamedata. I’ve been using that method for awhile now and nothing has disappeared

Thank you, i tried that and they would disappear. So I switched to creating engrams and its working correctly. I made the engrams impossible points for learning. It was my easy work around. Maybe I did not do something correctly in that array previously. I know they SOTF trophies in that array are assigned to user ids. I was wondering if it had something to do with that.