Item stacking counter does not show up

Today i made an item stacker for my inventory, I followed a tutorial from BlenderTek, Create a Crafting & Inventory system in Unreal Engine 4 Pt 4: Item stacking & prepare for buttons - YouTube.

Now i did everything the same way as shown, but after i completed it the counter does not show up but the items get stacked in one text (so instead of Apple, Apple it shows Apple) But i want it to show Apple (2). I tested the whole script inside my inventory:

I used Print Strings here and everything in here works, but as soon as i go to the script where it should add the name, the print strings don’t give any text at all:

So my goal is that it shows Apple (2) instead of Apple where i picked up 2 or more :confused:

(if it is unreadable i can enlarge it and re upload the picture of the Inventory blueprint)

Thanks in advance

Where does Item Name Getter get called? Is this a function inside the item or how else do you know which ItemData to compare?

Going by the second image, I’d expect the returned name to either be correct (“Apple (2)”) or empty. It’s all a bit confusing…

Item name getter is basically the button that sets the name of the picked up item and puts it inside my inventory box.

I actually decided to stop with this inventory system since it isn’t working at all right now. I can still open it and pick up items but it never shows them.
Also the tutorial is real confusing set up and i can’t really understand everything that guy is saying