Item Quantity not being lowered when used

Hi, I’m trying to make the quantity of medkits go down whenever one is used, the problem is with the ‘Set Array Elem’ node, for some reason it’s not changing the ‘Quantity’ in the structure, so if I have 2 or more medkits I can use them an unlimited amount of times. Everything else works, including if you only have one medkit and use it then the array index will be removed, but setting it changes nothing, and I’ve done print strings to make sure the values are correct and they all are so I’m not sure why it’s not working.

You’re using the item quanity as the index of the array.

EDIT: BTW, you can use ‘members’ to just update one bit:


Ah, it appears my stupidity knows no bounds, haha, thank you! :smiley: Thanks for the helpful tip too!

No worries, we all do it.