item quality UMG help

hello all I have been working on my first project off and on for the last 6 months by myself while learning UE4. I’m working on an rpg style game and so far I have done a quest system, combat system including spells and melee, merchant (buy/Sell) and a few others including an inventory but I have run into a puzzle that I have been trying to mess around and solve but have hit a wall. I have used the inventory tutorial here

what I have working

currently I have set up to do is when the item is added to the inventory you can mouse over the item and it pops up a second widget displaying the item details and name in the color matching the item quality.
the item slot highlights with the default hovered color set in the slot widget only.
inventory is configured to also work with gamepad functions.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to have my items have a quality level I.E green is uncommon etc. so I want the item in the inventory slot to have an outline of the corresponding quality. I try to do a mouse move event but it changes the entire button and the image for the item to that color and I have tried to do an is hovered? branch and change to color with a tick event and it has the same effects. My thoughts were to add a border to the slot widget but it can only have the button and the image as the child. is there any easier way to do this other than start over and rework the inventory to add the border? thank you in advance