Item not effected by gravity any idea what I've done wrong!

Hey All,

Thanks in advance for you time looking at this, I appreciate any hints you can give.

I am fairly new to unreal 4, very impressed overall but finding a few things hard that was natural in the unity engine.


I created a new item that is a sword. Its has a parent blueprint of “Melee Weapon” and all works fine except gravity. For some reason when I have these items in game they just float almost as stuck in limbo.

The character is effected by Gravity, but not the new object… I have made sure it has “effected by gravity” set on the mesh and all components.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

To be affected by gravity it needs physics enabled.
For that it need collision and be physics mesh.
And there is property “affected by gravity”

I believe its a skeletal mesh, but that should work shouldn’t it?