Item not being consume

So i made a customized Tranq dart that i can use with the long neck rifle im able to learn the engram craft it even drag the new ammo to the long neck and shoot it. The problem im having that inside the dev kit when i shoot the dart is consume but when im ingame it dosen’t anyone have any ideas of why this might happen?

1 - Make sure that none of your blueprints are children of blueprints in any folder called “zOLD” or “old” or anything like that, as those folders aren’t in the actual game AFAIK so that can cause problems.

2 - Try re-making the rifle (Or whatever blueprint is told to consume the bullet in this case). I had a weird issue where I suddenly couldn’t place window hatches in-game when I still could in the dev kit, re-making the window hatch structure engram fixed it.

thats the problem im not sure which BP is told to consume the bullet

You’re right, I just took a look at the rifle and ammo blueprints and it’s not very clear. Check out this video: Around 2:10 he talks about specifying a projectile used by a weapon, so that might help you.

i looked at the video and have done what he did still in the dev kit it consumes the item but when i use it on my test server it dosent so if i have lets say 11 and shoot i still have 11 after just not sure where i went wrong.