Item effect changes according to item level

I’m wanting to create an effect for the items in my game, I wanted to make something like the one in MuOnline

whenever the item goes up a level it gains an effect, here’s an example on common items up to level 7 :

here’s an example in items that are special (in this case this item is excellent) it already has a different effect from level 1 and it changes until level 6 :

from level 6 to 8 :

I don’t know much about effects in the unreal engine, I would really like some help from the community
i Use Unreal Engine 5

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I guess that just made in materials. “Breathing” color change can be done with [Sine] + [Lerp] nodes, and the wave effect is just some kind of a moving wave mask added to the main material; maybe even procedural.
Look into UE materials, they have a lot of stuff that you can use to create various effects.


could you give me an example?? As I don’t have much experience I don’t know how to start!

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