Item Crafting Limit - Once per life ?

I’ll try to create a little Box with Start Items in it, but i want this to be craftable just once per life. I set the “Blueprint Allow Max Crafting” to 1 and i also tryed to set “Crafting Cooldown Interval” to 36000
but iam still able to craft as many i want :frowning:

any solutions ?


Use the “On Used” function to give the crafting player a buff then use the “Allow Crafting” function to check for that buff. If player has buff, disallow craft

all right, thx i will check on that. Do i have to put that in my “PrimalItemStructure…” BP Graph ? - I`m absolutely new in graph so i give it a try an will update with some screenshots. Thanks for now

What about when the player dies or the server resets and the buff disables? Or am I doing something wrong with my buffs and they’re deactivated under these scenarios when they shouldn’t be…

This is how you can have 1 craft per player. If you want to simply have the blueprint only be used once, the PrimalItemStructureBP will have something to allow only x amount of crafts before the blueprint is “used up.”

To be fair I was going off of this statement -

That being said, the buff should stay through a restart but disable on death as long as it is NOT set to persistent and “prevent saving” is unchecked which i think most buffs are by default. I made a temporary transportation mod awhile back that allows you to craft a “Jetsons” flying capsule once per life and that’s how I did it.
However, TBH I have not used that mod or looked at it’s page in quite awhile but it was working as intended when I last checked so if that is not how it works now it is because WC changed something with the buffs.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. Some things have changed in the world of buffs. Such as disabling the usage on dinos.