Item Consumed instead of being placed. Please Help

I have been working on a mod that adds a platform that snaps to rafts. I have 2 platforms and a custom raft in the mod. In the dev kit they all work with no issue (place raft use platform and i can snap it to raft.) In a single player game and in a dedicated server game I can still place the raft with no issue but both platforms are consumed on use and never allow me to place. I am at a loss of what it could be. Any help would be very welcome. Thanks ahead of time.

Do you have your structures listed in “Additional Structures to Place” in PrimalGameData?

and do you have your structure set to consume the correct primal item?

I just figured out what I missed. I based the structure off of another mod that is now open source and the only part that i used from that mod pointed to a BP that i never remade/put into my mod folders. So when it could see it in the dev kit but not when i pushed it live because it was not cooked in the mod. At least My mistake may let me help someone later on. lol. Thanks so much for the reply.