Item actions not working

Hello i have made a basic inventory, where you can transfer from ground to character. I am now trying to create a button on the item in your inventory which will bring up some actions like, use, drop, and cancel to get out of the action menu. However, i have the button on the item working which brings up the action menu, but then the buttons in the action menu just do nothing, no hover colour changes, or clicked colour changes. I have only set up the drop button, which once i see it work i will make the others. I’m very new to UE4 which is why i’m not sure on the issue.

I am asking if anyone can help make the action menu work when it pops up? Am i just making it visually work with no control or is it something else.

Thank you for your time. If you are confused or want any more info, i will be able to give you what i can