Charity “Games Against War” Bundle

Hello! I hope you all are doing well and are safe.

My name is Anna. I’m a project manager at the VitaGames. Along with other game developers, we organized the ‘Games Against War’ co-op charity bundle to raise funds for 3-years gamedev-therapy program for Ukrainian children.

Here is a link: 'Games Against War' charity bundle by VitaGames and 32 others -

The Bundle’s games are pretty sweet as well. Feather (by Samurai Punk) and Long Gone Days (by Camila Gormaz) are just a few of the amazing games included in the ‘Games Against War’ bundle. You get a lot of value out of it for a minimum of 15 bucks – but it’s also for a great cause!

Of course, not everyone is able to support the cause monetarily, but spreading the word about is also a big deal. Considering the bundle finishes on December 18, your support will help us a lot to reach the goal.

More about project, its aims and team you can find out on the website

Thanks for your time and consideration!