Italian Studio looking for an environment and concept artist

Hi everybody!

Polygon Madness Studio is an Italian group from Milan and we have been making for about a year a First Person Experience / Adventure game with horror & thriller elements with Unreal Engine 4, with a strong will to differentiate from other titles by offering a more dynamic and engaging gameplay.

The working title of the game is “Synaesthesia” and at our newly opened Facebook page you can find a link to the first teaser of the project: Redirecting...

We are looking for an environment artist with skills not only in modelling game-ready art, but also in global concept & art direction and that is capable to effectively realise the solutions proposed and give inputs and references (for instance on visual post-processes).

For additional info & inquiries please send us a PM in here or a email to (No timewasters).

Thank you very much in advance!

Polygon Madness Studio