It will be cool to have a collision type for root collision of character blueprint please see image.

Hello everyone,

I was working on Paper2D but sometimes I feel like it will be cool to have options like I have mentioned in image because sometime that capsule collision take more outer space and sometimes less than actual character is even though we can manage through capsule width and height but still just wondering if it is possible to have collision types for root collision component of character Blueprint both for 3D character and paper2D Character. for details please see the attached image.ee857451677c16bdd9c806312df408bedbb7c8be.jpeg

The Character class has the Capsule as the root. You can’t change it if you subclass Character.
You have to create your own Pawn Class if you want to use a different Collision.(Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the CharacterMovement if you are using BP only)

That I know that we can use pawn class and we wont be able to use characterMovement component and thats why I was providing it as a feature request