It seem that Daz/Poser has a new challenger!

So what do you guys thing?

We can never have enough morphing Character Tools. I’m personally waiting for Morph3D which has morphs for Beast, Aliens, and Robots.

Well seems that a lot of these morphing type of tools were forked off of Daz Studio.

Morph3d = forked
iClone = forked

DS also has support for things like substance as well as a goZ bridge, a bridge for Photoshop, as well as a send to feature for Hexagon and Carrara pro

Been using DS almost since day one and once you figure out what it can do everything thing else is fighting for second place. :smiley:

Hi FrankieV Morph3D is by DAZ3D Team with a focus on Real-time Game Engines.

Realusion recently gave out iClone 5 for free. I assume that’s so they could generate a lot of leads for iClone 6, which this is a plugin for.

It looks good. Does anyone know if this just generates a set skeletal mesh, or can you use it do procedurally generate different-looking people (by morph or colouring clothes)? A sort of Substance Designer for characters.

daz needs to fire their marketing people, they make a great piece of software but yet it comes across as a b grade tool for making questionable content and so many people dont look any deeper because of the lewd forms they use to advertise, if they reinvented their image they could become the industry leader, its so easy to use compared to other 3d software and as frankiev has shown, it gets great results and from a business perspective their system is crazy, people are using it to create seedy images and paying nothing, but if you want to use it for game dev its 500 bucks to use dazs free content, and most of the good content isn’t able to be used at all…I thought the same thing looking at the iclone ad in OP, sure they need to show the human form to convince you how well they can render it, but they could market it so much better

You mean that Morph3D has a focus on the Unity game engine, since it is only available through the Unity asset store. The bad thing with Daz3D is those !@#% poly counts. Sure, you can decimate the poly’s, but that tool is not exactly reliable.

Another thing about Daz is those license fees. They need to get rid of them imho.

The Genesis 3 model is 34k Tris and 17K polygon at full resolution. 90% of that is in detailed areas like toes inner mouth. Decimating or lowering the resolution for say LOD’s is not an issue if you can pre-process using an app like 3ds Max but the character frame work is modular as to being able to hide sections of the body that you don’t need so easy to make heads with out bodies that you can add as a component to even lower resolution body models.

A lot of stuff you see is of poor quality because DS is the number one alpha character tool and has been downloaded millions of time and being on their e-mail list I receive at least twice a week a newsletter with specials and items of interest but implying that it’s a toy would be like implying that a tool like Unreal 4 is a toy based on the things people are willing to show off.

What is impressive about DS is the things you don’t see as to practical use in the world of visual media and just like speedtree you would not know that it was used in films like Avatar as well that a similar custom made product was used in Sprites with in as well alpha modeling used in the Lord of the Rings using Massive. Interesting note I’ve heard that Epic is working with Weta so I’m very interest to see what comes of that but a use of a given tool that can be used in Unreal 4 just because of strong FBX support should not be judged based on someone inability to swing a hammer properly.

As for licensing fees Daz3D has always been known as a habit of releasing products with a price tag to avoided the free collectors who all ways show up first in line and grab stuff with no plans of actually making use of it and then being stuck with the bandwidth bill with little or no benefit to them of people actually using their products so I would expect that once the dust settles, and since they are in the business of selling art assets, would or will eliminate the licensing “extension” and switch to “licensing in hand” just the same way things are run on Epic’s market place.

Come to think of it their marketing strategy seems to be following along with the same idea as to how Unreal 4 first started as a subscription based product that was discarded when there was enough serious people doing serious things.

Understandable though as our team has just switched to using the Genesis 3 frame work but took over two years of testing to come to the decision to actually make the switch.

As for the seedy things of things what can I say the Internet was made for porn. :wink:

But if you want to see the serious side of yet another tool read the users stories of how they use a hammer called Daz Studio in the effort that it takes for them to get their job done.

FrankieV, to my understanding there aren’t any male Genesis3 characters (yet)?

Looks nice … but yet again only in Unity store so far sigh :frowning:

I’ve taken action. Starting up a Conversation with IanAtMorph3D (Morph3D Developer) in the Unity Forums, expressing a need for Morph3D with support for UnrealEngine. I would like for them to work out all the kinks with the Unity version first.

Not yet but is SOP.

Daz3d generally releases the female first followed by the male a few months later. If past releases stays true this should occur during Daz3D’s October Fest sales event that occurs in…well… October.

The thing is be it male or female it’s still based on the same Genesis 3 frame work so once the male is available, it should just show up in your download manager, you could toss it over to Unreal 4 as an injector and will work with the same stuff you made for the female.

Cool, I have a lot of G2 assets and I’m looking forward to moving to G3. What held me back was female only content and I didn’t find any release date for the male models. Thanks, Frankie!

are they moving to ue4 yet?