IT manager regard 'Epic Game Launcher' as something malicious like possible ransomeware attacks.

Hi unreal folks,

I am 3d animator who is currently working for building material supplier as a member of its marketing team.
I use 3ds max for architectural visualisation but I have much interest of unreal engine.
And I downloaded and installed unreal engine for some simple test.
But I got unexpected mail from IT department manager as below.
How do you think? Epic game lanucher really may expose the network to possible ransomeware attacks?
I explained him and uninstalled software because I don’t want him to increase the security level of my workstation with render farms which means I can’t use youtube etc and can’t install any software.
But after that, I am feeling so uncomfortable. He might be looking at me with prejudiced eye like I am the guy who can play games at office.
Or just my feeling.

email from IT dept.

Hello Ken,
It appears that application name ‘Epic Games Launcher’ was installed on your computer on 24/8/2017.
Could you please advise whether this program is required for work ? If it is, we may need to increase the security on your computer as this program is exposing the network to possible ransomware attacks. If not required, then I’m hoping we can remove it from your computer.
Can you please confirm with me?

Many thanks.
Kind regards,

I don’t know the technicalities in terms of whether or not it’s secure–you would think so given how big Epic is and that they are very skilled. Most likely though, your IT manager thought you were playing games at work, since the title of the app is Epic Games Launcher it doesn’t specifically tell someone that it’s used for an advanced 3D engine.
By the way, if you’re looking into using UE4 for architectural visualization, sign up for the Datasmith beta:
It’s a plugin for 3ds Max that will be a one-click export to UE4, not only exporting but it can convert Mental Ray and Vray materials over and makes getting scenes into UE4 much easier.

Just tell him it is required to install Unreal Engine 4 which you need for Architectural Visualization work…

He probably doesn’t actually know what the application is - and assumes it’s a games portal rather than the launcher for a company ‘Epic Games’ that provides industrial software.

My 2 cents on this one.

Looks like a standard “IT security email”. And even if they know what they are doing (security dep. sadly seldom do though) they will stop some Ports that the program is using. And it won’t be anything standard like ports used by HTTP protocol. Meaning Youtube will not be affected :slight_smile:

The Epic Games Launcher definitly is dangerous software.

  • sneaks up in task manager whenever starting a project
  • eating to much ram
  • illegal possesion of ram memory
  • illegal background compiler tasks

Quite serious offenses.

You can just install UE4 and then uninstall the launcher though.

Sounds like he is making it up. Unless Epic Games were compromised (it would be in the news) then there is no way for the Launcher to be a possible source of ransomware.

Yeah, or just not knowing what he is saying really.
It theoretically could be compromised… But so could any other application.

And I’ll be honest, ransomeware is really a joke.
It’s just a nice low hanging propaganda target for Anti-virus devs.

Have cleaned up multiple PC’s with ‘ransomware’ without it doing anything or giving it a chance too.
But this is just my experience… There might be some real evil ones for all I know. But usually forcing power off and loading up a boot disk is enough! (And unplugging the internet.)

Think like a security team though! What was behind the recent attacks before the summer?
It was about forgotten open-ports left open by windows and bad patching for backdoors etc…
The Launcher opens many ports. Security teams hate that as it means potential backdoors.
Plus, who knows what else the Launcher does, as Epic never followed up on questions here

I’d say there’s some truth to that point of view. But that said, its hard to ignore cases like this:

Definitely a case were it caused havoc.
But for the average user… I wouldn’t be to afraid.

But companies were treating it (Still are) like it’s the ultimate form of malicious software ever made.

Well I am a developer in a gaming company.
This started recently, it was not the case earlier.
There is something suspicious/wrong with the new launchers.