It keeps freezing

Every time I load it I wait for it to load the assets and when its done when I try to do anything like place a big foot or any other dino/scenery it just freezes and I have to restart my computer any help?

Is your computer freezing, or just the DevKit?

If it’s the DevKit, just let it do its thing.

It’s a core development program, it’s not some cutesy little piece of software that just does things for people to toy around in/with. This seems to be the biggest misconception a lot of people have when getting into the DevKit.

The first freeze you describe is the loading of the reference tree and linkages, the second one is it compiling and building shaders. How I understand it, is the DevKit will freeze itself whenever it’s loading things to stop you from interfering and overtaxing it, but it could just be a general performance implementation from EPIC.

You’ll know if it’s absolutely frozen and crashing if it’s doing absolutely nothing in task manager. If it’s compiling shaders, the dev kit will launch a number of extra processes(Shader Compilers) that will max out your CPU, or it may just use the one process and go fairly high and keep fluctuating, same with ram.

If nothing is changing, i.e the ram usage isn’t changing at all or the CPU’s doing nothing for that or any of it’s processes, then it has actually crashed or "APPHANG"ed. If that is happening, then verify the DevKit.

One thing to note, naturally, the less powerful your computer, the longer it’s going to take. The DevKit is very CPU heavy when it comes to the initial loading of files, compiling and during cooking, and it is a memory hog the longer it is open and the more assets you use/open. Once it’s loaded the majority of what it thinks you’ll get around to accessing, things become pretty quick, if not instantaneous.

For example, my new main computer that I’m still working out kinks for as my new Graphics Monitor(It’s a Wacom Cintiq) was causing issues for some reason, is a 12c/24th @3Ghz WorkStation with 48GB’s of RAM running an SSD raid array, that beast gets no performance impacts of any kind whatsoever, when I first ran the DevKit on it - a notoriously slow ordeal for most people and one I experienced first hand on my other machine, it had completely built the cache and loaded/compiled all it’s shaders in less than a minute or two - I forget the specifics. Now, loading and running is done within 5-ish seconds everytime, while loading TheIsland and it’s maps takes about 30 seconds to a minute, this all depends on if I’m running any of my modelling programs in the background.

The second machine I switch to when that one plays up, uses a dated X58 EVGA board running a i7 920 @3.2GHz with 12GB’s of RAM and a Caviar Black RAID array, while still decently acceptable for speed, is considerably slower, especially with compiling shaders(when there’s a lot of them). The initial run on that took somewhere closer to an hour, I think, I can’t recall. PrimalGameData’s take somewhere around 3-5 minutes to load - sometimes longer, and loading assets initially takes about 20-30 seconds, depend on what it is.