It it possible to load assets from server? (a must for freemium games)


I am coming from flash game development where we configure shop items in the xml and show them in the menu and load it when it is required like when the user already owns it or he newly bought it from the shop. As you already know this is a must for the freemium games where we keep adding cosmetics and similar stuffs on demand.

Is it possible to load assets (like mesh, textures) dynamically from the server? If I am not wrong it must be definitely possible. If the answer is yes, has anyone implemented this? is there any tutorial or guide/documentation is available?


I guess its easy in unity and thats why people (like me) are more inclined towards unity.

i’m not sure how to do it now,but you can download assets,with downloading levels and there assets.It’s in the unreal tournament source.

You could build something for that, but it doesn’t have anything like that built in. For iOS and Android those systems already have integrated solutions just like ads and stuff like that–those are controlled outside of your app, basically your app sets up the purchase and Apple runs it through and then the device downloads the files from Apple. For something like PC, you could create a separate program to control that for you or you could try and code it into the game. But typically game engines don’t do that type of downloading very well, they can usually only transfer more simple types of data. Unity by the way can’t do that.

Im not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can have all assets you want ingame, and with json calls do thinks, like add somethink to a player, spawn somethink etc.

There is a json calls plugin in the forum (I think there are 2 plugins related to json)

Hope it helped

Thanks, thats very useful information. But I am not its an elegent way to transfer assets which are binary data ((like models and textures) using json.

This is what you’re looking for!

Bumping this because it took me a while to find that myself. If you’re not using iOS or Android you can peak into the source code of the above functions and modify it yourself.