It is possible way to show streaming level only for one player (coop)?

I try to make house with multiple floors, but character camera placed higher than ceiling. I want to hide floors that player not able to see. I try to use streaming level for managing that (when player steps on stairs, “second floor sublevel” loading) and that works for one player. But if “player one” stay on first floor and “player two” stay on second floor, “player one” see only second floor.
It is possible way to show something (levels, meshes, players etc) only for one player and hide this for another player in same time?

Unreal Engine 4 do despawn all object the chamera cannot render, and this is client based, not server.

here are 2 screenshots:

I did freeze the render for the second images.

Im not clearly understand what you mean. How i can tell the ue4 that i dont want to render level or meshes inside level for one player? I tryed to use ActorHiddenInGame property, but its replicated and still has same value for both players.