It is possible to remove components from a Character Blueprint?

So I’m trying to change some components from a Character Blueprint but I’m not able to delete the cylinder collider, arrow or skeletal mesh. Anyone can help me please?

You probably won’t be able to do it in blueprints, why not creating a custom actor and add only the components you need? All components you see inside a Character BP can be manually added to any custom Actor BP. If you copy components from the character and paste inside the actor BP, all settings will be transferred over.

Yeah, I tried to but in other blueprints aside the Character one I can’t add the Character movement. If there isn’t any other solution I will use other Actor BP without the Character movement.

Let me check here. Also, try to add using the node “Add Character Movement Component” inside Construction Script.

Tried to add the Character Movement Component, but the option to add it won’t show up.

True, try to destroy components in the construction script. It may cause crashes, so make sure to quickly cook and pack your game to see any warnings or error messages in the Output log.

You cannot delete those components because your character BP class inherits them from the C++ class ACharacter.

You can have your BP derive from a subclass of APawn where you can add a / or comes with a movement component. Can’t remember what the class is called from the top of my head and am not in front of my base station. Perhaps pawn base or default pawn or something like that.