It have something wrong when I Log in the answerhub

It said that" There was an error contacting the remote service"

When exactly did you experience this issue and are you still experiencing it now? I believe there was some recent work being done on the AnswerHub by Epic. However, I’m able to login perfectly fine, as of now. Be sure to check again and report back =)

Oh my gash,I can’t ask the question,because it always said "There was an error contacting the remote service"But I need to ask the question,because I can’t learn UE4 by myself,I really need it>_<

Having the same issue.

I have same problem, download unreal 2 days ago and now Im having issues :frowning:

Someone with similar problem suggested to try creating a new account and see if that helps. I wasn’t able to download any assets from the asset store, after I was logged in and I selected an asset to download, it said “Login to download asset” even though I was logged in. I log in again and still said “Login to download asset”. I created a new account and logged in, everything seems fine at the moment, I can download asset and post on forum :). Now I can start learning.

For any account/login issues, please visit and use the contact form on the right to reach out to our support staff.