It Follows: The game

Hi all,
I made a quick game inspired by the horror movie, It Follows.
In the game you have to identify and evade the creature and do not let it touch you.
Download, unzip and enjoy.
Please send me some feedback!!
Have fun
Edit: Small update adds menu and control list.
It Follows download

It Follows download

Downloading and have a small thrill feeling playing it (because it still alpha, don’t know if it reach better presentation). For feedback, i suggest to make the “it” spawn not just from near the platform, make it more random or choose one of the NPC to become “it” after a few minutes playing around to give player some false safe feeling

screenshots would be helpful, idk what im downloading.

Thanks for the feedback.
I have it spawn randomly around the player, sometimes it spawns right next to the player. It freaks me out. :smiley:

I’m watching this movie right now and I’m so **** hyped you’ve made a game. Haha I’ll download and give input after if you’re looking for some.

This is cool but have you considered an app instead that uses GPS location to track you and have a bot built in to “try and get you” your phone will buzz if it gets close making you run and have online leaderboards for who survives the longest. Maybe in apps purchase to make you invincible for a certain period of time…guaranteed to be bought so people can sleep lol. Maybe have your own slightly different rules to make it more enjoyable in a game form. Also maybe add a feature to deter gps spoofing