It don't fit perfect here(Classic Unreal Engine)

Please understand I’m gonna use Classic Unreal Gold only for educational purposes.
I’m looking for post-secondary IT school so I have no time to make account in old unreal forum.
Shortly I cannot download Harry Potter 1 PC level editor

Put the URL into the Wayback machine at the internet archive. And hope.

Comment unreal gold in steam or

I don’t even want to know.

Wait, what exactly are you looking for?

~ Jason

to play jazz jackrabbit 3d and download koops harry potter level editor in windows 10.I want to view jj3d models and animations only.

Here is the download for the editor. MEGA (I found the link here - YouTube )
I cannot verify the download as I have not downloaded it. It seems legit, but download at you own risk. (Mods, if this link is bugged. I did warn beforehand. So do delete that link if a problem arises!)

Also, Jazz Jackrabbit 3d may be copyrighted. So I would hold off on that. And the editor will probably not work in win 10. (I did say probably. So it still has a chance.)

I’ll be back to Windows 7.Thanks for download links 94 user.