IsWorldPartitioned in Nav Mesh settings is causing AI Movement problems

Hi there,

I am leaving this here in case it might be useful for someone else who is having a similar issue, and in case someone can explain to me why this is happening.

I encountered a problem with the movement of some AI characters. In an already existing project, I set up everything correctly, navmesh bounds volumes, behaviour tree etc etc, but when I was using a MoveTo or even SimpleMoveTo functions nothing would happen. Looking at the behaviour tree, it would seem to flicker very quickly.

Not being able to find a solution, I created a new project, and tried the same thing, which worked immediately. Realising it might be a setting somewhere causing this problem, I started comparing side by side the project settings of the two projects.
Finally I looked at the Navigation Mesh section, I saw that the Is World Partitioned was set to True, because I had tried out to experiment with creating an open world partitioned level earlier.

When I disabled it, the problem disappeared, and the AI movement was working as intended.

Any clues on why this problem occurs and a possible workaround in case one wants to work on an open world map?

Thanks in advance