IsValid check doesn't return false

I intend to do a check on an object to know if it’s destroyed or out of reach. it’s simple logic with “IsValid” node and I did this:

the problem is: when actors come to my trigger it returns true! but when they’re not in the trigger, it doesn’t return false!(i use event tick, not overlap)

I tried the link blow and there was no luck

so, what should I do, to make this work?

I will appreciate your help with this situation

GetOverlappingActors should never populate the array with null objects, so that array will only contain objects that are not null.

A better approach would be to assign a function to that objects “OnDestroy” to trigger.

Create that bind when you spawn your actor. If your actor is placed in the level, simply add that to your level blueprint’s “begin play” with a reference to it instead of that “Actor” variable.

If you want to check for something to be “InReach”, your get overlapped objects will work just fine.

Thanks majin.

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