Issuse with hiding BP Hud elements

So my inventory is made in Blue Print Using Blueprint hud ofc now my main menu and health bars ect are all built in UMG. my hot bar which is part of my inventory shows up on screen during the main menu. how do i go about hiding the hud elements duirng the main menu and then show them again when you hit start game?

any help on this is greatly appreciated

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

if your elements are in different widget, use add to viewport, remove from viewport.
If they are in the same widget and you just want to hide them, then set the visibility (in behavior) of what you want to show / hide

there not in widgets just the main menu is a widget the hotbars are a hud Blueprint

Ok then on your event which opens your menu, add a get player controller / get hud /cast to hud / cast to widget (depending of what you ever have) from your widget (or the hud where you have your bar) drag this bar and drag a “set visibility” from it. Do the same when you come back and your bar will hide / show.

Issuse solved on answer HUb thanks for the info though that will come in handy later :slight_smile: