Issues With Unreal Scalling

Hi all, thanks in advance. I model things in 3ds and i CANT get the scale working right. Things either go into the engine to big or to small. I really like working in Feet and Inches but for some reason UE4 hates that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1uu = 1cm -> so 0.39 inches :slight_smile: Make sure to use the right export settings -> e.g cm, inches,…

HEY! I had the same issue. Here’s what I did for 3ds …

  1. Go to “Customize” at the top of your screen and scroll down and click “Units Setup”
  2. A window will pop up, at the top of it, click the button that reads “System Units Setup”
  3. Set 1 Unit = “50.0” and then select " Centimeters
  4. Click “Respect System in Units Files”
  5. Press Okay
  6. You should now see the original “Units Setup” window, at the bottom, select “Generic Units”
  7. Press Okay.

Now create a box that is 10 units by 10 units. That is equal to what I call 10 feet by 10 feet. In actuality the number is closer to 30 per unit, but I found that to be too small feeling in games.